Tips for running a custom wall art store

Tips for running custom wall art store

As the name specifies, Wall art is an art that is used to make your office, home, and workspace’s walls beautiful. With the passing days, numerous fanatic people about interior design are choosing wall art as home décor items. Therefore, you can take this opportunity and start selling wall art by opening your own wall art store.

However, with so many competitors in the market, you need to stand out against them to attract more audience. And one way to do this is to sell custom-made wall art. But there are some tips you need to follow for running a custom wall store.

Below-specified is some of the tips for running your custom wall store.

Find your target audience.

One of the primary tips for running a custom wall art store is to know your target audience. Identifying your target audience would help you understand what type of art they desire, which would help you customize wall arts accordingly.

Every person has their own taste, particularly when it comes to art and music. So, you need to think like a customer if you are considering opening a custom wall art store.

For example, if your target audience is middle-aged men or women, you might want to sell something decent, like vintage wall art or minimalist wall art, instead of custom wall art that attracts college students.

On the other hand, if your target audience is young, like in their 20’s, you might want to sell custom typography wall art. Or, if your audience includes businessmen or women, you can try selling custom motivational quote wall art.

Be original

Another great tip you can follow for running a custom wall art store is to decide what type of custom wall art you are going to sell. Primarily, there are two types of wall art. It includes original wall art and reproduced wall art.

You may want to sell your custom-made wall art, particularly if you are an artist. With that said, selling original wall art is more likely to help you reach your sales goals earn a hefty amount of profit.

It is because to stand out against your business rivals. You need to create your business identity, which you can get by selling originally unique custom wall art.

Choose a suitable business model.

A solid business model is always an integral part of any online business. Without sales, you would not be able to generate revenue and upscale your business.

Therefore, if you are considering starting your custom wall art store, you need to have a business model. There are three business models you can choose from for your custom wall art store. These include:

  • Selling on third-party eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, and more.
  • This business model is flexible and saves you marketing costs.
  • However, to succeed with this business model, you need to have a good reputation for your brand. So, buyers on the platform(s) can see you as a reliable seller.
  • Use Print-on-demand services to get your custom wall art printed and sell it to your customers. This method saves you inventory costs and is convenient.

You can also sell as a creator if you need to earn more revenue. In this, you need to have good printers. So that the print of your custom wall art is of the best quality. You can also collaborate with any reputable printing company to get your custom wall art printed in bulk, whether international or local.

Make sure to review your business plan.

After choosing a suitable target audience, the type of custom wall art, and the business plan, you need to ensure that your chosen business model is still intact. It means you should know whether you are earning profits by selling your custom wall art or not. If you think that the sales are not happening as they should, you can try switching your business model.

Create a solid marketing strategy

Creating a solid marketing strategy helps your products be known to your audience. Without a marketing strategy, you cannot get the business opportunities your business deserves. Or expand your business.

There are numerous ways by which you can create a great marketing strategy for your custom wall art store. These include:

  1. Organic search – This is the unpaid traffic that comes to a website after searching their queries. Websites that get more organic searches are displayed amongst the top 3 Google search results, which increases your brand’s identity.
  2. You can boost organic traffic to your custom wall art store by optimizing it for SEO. There are numerous SEO practices, such as using keywords, creating backlinks, publishing valuable and relevant content, and more on your website.
  3. PPC marketing – You can also integrate a PPC campaign into your marketing strategy to target your audience in a better way. PPC stands for pay-per-click, which refers to the method of buying visits to your online custom wall art store.

To make sure that you can get the most out of your PPC marketing, make sure that your ads are compelling and CTAs are engaging.

Be active on social media.

Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, are probably one of the greatest marketing tools. Many online stores owners market their online business on these platforms to attract an extended range of audiences.

Being active on social media can do wonders for your custom wall art store. It is because websites or businesses that have an active social media account are deemed trustworthy by users. Moreover, as social media helps you get numerous followers for your website, you get countless business opportunities.

Emphasize on packaging

Another tip you can follow for running a custom wall art store is to focus on the packaging of your products. Overall, the packaging should be engaging. You can also try to put a logo of your custom wall art store on the packaging, as it would help you build brand identity and increase awareness.


You can follow the specified steps if you want to run a custom wall art store without any inconvenience. One crucial thing to understand is that the more unique your custom wall art is, the more successful your art business is.