Instagram marketing

How to market your product on Instagram like a pro

The use of social media in selling products online is no longer just a catchphrase. But it’s a compulsion! Enough said.

Being in reach of your customers is imperative for any online store. And at the moment, Instagram is lit. This platform is where brands of all magnitudes can easily interact with their clientele. But making an Instagram account won’t take a cut. Every online store owner has to be conscious of what’s bang up-to-date. And this year, it’s all about connecting stories, trending hashtags, and shoppable posts.

Why Market on Instagram?

Instagram’s leading-edge over additional social media platforms is its pictorial character. Instagram is the most refined platform to stage images of your products. Thus, you can display the products for all customers to see and eventually purchase.

Cinematography, pictures, and graphics are remarkable content matches for this social media platform. But your marketing tactics will eventually define what sort of content to circulate and how frequently to post it. Thus, creating a strategy before jumping right into a new social media platform. Of course, you can help others, but your objectives are more vital. It will keep you fixated on your goals and, most prominently, your viewers.

1. Enhance your Instagram business profile

Your bio is what possible Instagram followers see primarily when they reach your page. And if they don’t immediately connect with it, odds are they won’t click ‘follow .’ So make surefire to make your Instagram name catchy. You might also want to think through putting some hashtags in your Instagram bio. Again, this will act to appeal to a bigger audience.

Here’s how you can enhance your profile for a successful marketing strategy on Instagram:

Profile photo:

Apart from your Instagram name, your profile photo is the second thing customers see. Unfortunately, the images are restricted to a tiny spherical space. So, you must make sure that the image or insignia can be visualized clearly. If your business name is lengthy, you might need to abridge abbreviate it to fit in the circle. Otherwise, if you’re the frontrunner of a business or the face of a brand, just put up a professional photograph of your own.

Precise bio:

All Instagram bios are restricted to 150 words. So the company data you offer should be precise yet all-inclusive. For instance, you can define your niche. This is something that viewers will want to know. The niche decides if they follow you or buy anything from you. Contemplate adding a quotation. Or, you can add something that replicates your brand personality, too.

Link to your website:

You can effortlessly drive loads of traffic to your website by adding the link in your Instagram bio. Many people are selling on Instagram. Thus, it’s becoming gradually common for sellers to place a link in photo captions. Ultimately, web users are driven to an online store. A call-to-action (CTA) with a link can do miracles for your business.

2. Be regular in posting stories

Instagram Stories have more than 300 million everyday active users. It means that roughly 60% of Instagram’s 500 million regular active users are watching or broadcasting content on Instagram Stories. So naturally, not utilizing this feature won’t do you any good. It would be a drawback.

However, that’s not all that Instagram stories have to offer. Well, they merely appear for 24 hours. So if you have loads of content to share, you don’t have to hoard your Instagram feed. Instead, stories will do just fine in conveying your message across! Here are some fantastic features that can make your Instagram Stories more fruitful:

Add to highlights: 

As abovementioned, Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours. However, you can see them again in the archives. And, you can save them to Highlights. This feature allows your followers to watch your stories repeatedly. They also get a chance to see the ones they missed. And if you have some important dates or prices to mention, highlights are the best way to keep them posted.

Use the “Swipe up” feature:

It’s simple to send your customers straight to your shop. Just put the link to your website in the Instagram story. At this time, the feature is only offered to accounts with over 10,000 followers. However, accounts that are verified may also utilize this feature.

Put Shoppable Stories:

If you have a business account linked to a Facebook catalog, you can likewise tag products. Next, you need to add a product sticker in the Instagram Stories. It will help your customers see product information in-app. And they can choose if they want to make an acquisition.

Use Promoted Stories:

Organic Instagram reach is gradually declining. So it can get problematic to continue the same engagement minus paid advertising. That’s why endorsed stories can help you connect with possible customers easily.

What can you do to make stories more appealing?

  • Make your stories catchy by using Boomerangs, stickers, and Filters. For example, you may show BTS photos of your business. So, they make your audience connect to you on a human level. And it improves that necessary feeling of reliance.
  • Connect with your followers through FAQs. Nowadays, customers want to experience your brand first hand. So let them add by asking a question, polling, or communicating their emotions. All these gestures keep customers invested in your brand. And are more probably to carry on to shopping from your store.
  • Put in outbound links to your content. Generate a great post and add the link to your store. You can link directly to the product you’re marketing to. So, select the right target audience, and revel in more excellent conversion rates.

3. Attempt live videos

Live video streaming is getting famous. And according to numerous reports, its’ fame will continue rising per diem. Live-streamed content is well-liked among people of all ages. About 63% of individuals aged 18-35 are viewing this sort of content frequently.

Live streaming is an illustrious tool you can control to interact with your audience. In addition, it gives you a chance to construct a better connection with your customers. Once they see the face behind the campaign, they will connect to you!

If live-streaming is a first for you, don’t be intimidated. Here are some fantastic ideas you can try out:

  • Stream in during a brand event
  • Interview an influencer about how they feel about the product
  • Show unboxing of your products by your customers
  • Tell your customers about upcoming events or sales
  • Always post a link to your website in the feed. Thus, the audience can click it as soon as they buy a product.

4. User-generated content can do wonders

User-generated content (UGC) is the most significant content source for countless brands. Using UGC places the customers in focus. And it also lets them express your story. It correspondingly provides social evidence that you’re genuine. And it shows that you’re ready to interact with your audience. All these tiny things make UGC more dependable than branded publicity. It’s completely free of charge too. But the problem is: how do you lawfully repost UGC on Instagram? Here’s a trick:

When a customer tags one of your products in their photo, you can ask for permission to repost that photo. Just leave a comment under it. If users consent to have their photo reposted, they can answer the comment in affirmation. You can post their picture and market yourself for free in this manner!

5. Use applicable and trendy hashtags

Instagram hashtags help individuals find you, learn about your brand, and choose if they want to purchase your product. They can likewise be used for advertising. And following what your rivals are doing. Taken together, hashtags are exclusive too.

An element on Instagram permits you to keep up with a particular hashtag. Individuals can follow content too. In the same manner, they’d follow families and celebrities. So the universal tagging turns out to be even more significant.

6. Instagram Shoutouts are marvelous

Another form of the reposting strategy includes shoutouts. This is when you ask an additional business in your industry if they want to post your content. And in response, you post theirs. So you scratch my back, and I scratch yours!

If you sell makeup, you can ask Influencers or other businesses to post photos using your products. You, in turn, can repost that photo on your page. This is an excellent Instagram marketing approach. And it benefits the brand and its collaborators mutually. Both will experience a significant upsurge in their following and standing.

7. Collaborate with an influencer or celebrity

We all know that influencers are making a mark online. This is where you associate your business with an influencer who can promote your products. For instance, if you’re in the industry of selling makeup, you might cooperate with a makeup artist or model. This will reveal your company to the influencer’s followers. In this way, more and more people will know about your product.

You can discover pertinent influencers to collaborate with through influencer marketing platforms. These online tools computerize the detection, selection, and reporting procedures. Thus, empowering you to focus on progressing influencer relations.

8. Cross-post your Instagram posts on other social media handles

It takes energy to click a faultless photograph. And penning down an ingenious caption isn’t easy either. Thus, neither of these should be wasted! Cross-posting your content to additional social platforms is a necessity. And, you can get even more customers this way.

For instance, you can endorse your Instagram content on your Facebook page. Brands have also started using Twitter and Snapchat for these purposes.

Even though cross-promotion is a clever move, remember that every social platform has its tricks and tips. For example, let’s say Instagram is more renowned for its hashtags. But Facebook is home to lengthier captions.

Do you think this is going to take up much time? It really won’t if you play your cards right. Much software allows you to stock imageries, videos, and text in a consolidated location. Thus, these can be utilized across several social networks. Rapidly locate, edit and circulate straight from the software to the platform. You may deliver appealing posts that are custom-made to whatsoever network you want.

9. Keep the caption quirky

Now is your luck to narrate a story and arouse sentiments among your audience. Take this chance to reveal your company’s message. Thus, you can notify followers about the ideas behind the brand. And you may share any accomplishments or highlights you might have attained through the journey.

When composing an Instagram caption, intrigue followers by asking questions. And you can encourage them to tag a friend in the comments. Of course, aA few people favor short spurts of text. But you can likewise generate an impression by writing applicable paragraphs about the product. Customers like both!

10. Don’t run away from paid campaigns

Last, of all, don’t disregard the possibility of paid promotion on Instagram. Altogether, in general, social media is turning out to be pay-to-play. Facebook has a heavily comprehensive advertisement platform linked to Instagram. So, you can use Instagram’s alluring ad possibilities to charm fresh customers.

There are loads of Instagram success stories you can observe. Most of these guys ingeniously use Stories and videos together to entice users to their page. Stories ads are an excellent way to stimulate your Instagram. And it gets your message across to your followers.

Primarily, acquaint yourself with present-day’s Instagram ad specifications. Then make sure you have the tools required. Finally, see how your paid energies measure up against your organic Instagram existence.


Don’t be misled into thinking that you have to expend oodles of money to prosper. Selling on Instagram depends on your creativity. Fostering a sales-driven Instagram page is a simple procedure. Mainly if you have previously gathered loads of followers, in this situation, all you have to do is connect with your viewers. So, what’s stopping you now? Change to a business profile directly and convert those followers into clienteles!