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Shopify Custom product app

Customers enjoy having a variety of design options to pick from. Want more sales? Set up Customify on your Shopify store to increase sales by allowing customers to buy and customize items in your store - creating a seamless experience.

Have a custom product? Cut back the manual work involved in
customizing your products

Your customers can now personalize their products with a product tool that allows you to design and print your own products ON-DEMAND. Customify product customizer is a shopping application for e-commerce websites using Shopify platform that helps your customers to customize your product visually according to their style with just a click of the mouse. So whether you’re selling T-Shirts, Clothes, Mobile Phones Cases, Business Cards, Bottles, or any other product that the customer may want to personalize, then this app is perfect for you. It’s a Shopify application that satisfies the exact needs of the customers by allowing them a variety of design options. You can take your online store to the next level with Customify.

Why is customify a Must-Have Tool?
Quick and simple

It's a simple and easy tool for retailers and e-commerce business owners who want to rapidly and easily sell bespoke products.

Visualization in Real Time

Allow your clients to create their own designs and see the results in real time. As adjustments are visible immediately, the process becomes more interesting and reduces confusion.

Customization of Products is Simple

Every business relies on giving clients what they desire. Allow clients to make basic or sophisticated changes to aspects like color, pattern, or material at little or no extra expense to the manufacturing process.

Trusted Solution

We have developed solutions to take product personalization to the next level.. Our comprehensive solution fits with any business and enables customization of every conceivable product.

  • Colors – Color Picker or Palette
  • Transformations – Position, Size, Rotation
  • Bounding Box
  • Stay on Top
  • Replace layers each other
  • Opacity
  • Font Family, Style, Alignment
  • Line-Height
  • Patterns
  • Curved Text – Radius and Spacing
  • Custom Font either using Google Webfont or Font face
  • Allow customers to create their text layers or upload images from Facebook, Instagram, your Design Library or straight from their computer.
  • Customers can be given the freedom to apply colors to product image using the color picker tool
  • Allow customers to add their designs to different sides
  • Easy to Translate Text Content to Your Language
  • Enable Facebook/Instagram Photos
  • Define own names for your colors
  • Define the minimum and maximum required image size
  • Offer own designs/cliparts for your customers
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Product Customization
Custom Product Builder Shopify
Shopify Customizer
Edit Area Box

You can set the custom product design area on your product customizer widget.

This feature makes the customer will only be able to add image or text to the specific area that has been set in the backend.

Design Gallery

You can upload your images to the app design gallery for the customer to use.

Customer can explore the design category, and choose any images that they want to add into the design.

Custom Font

The app supports standard system fonts, google font and any custom font.

You can select through the backend which fonts those you want to add by choosing it on the font list. You can also add a custom font you have, as the app also supports *.ttf and font-face fonts.

You can set the custom product design area on your product customizer widget. This feature makes the customer will only be able to add image or text to the specific area that has been set in the backend.

Variants Table

This feature allow customer to add multiple variants with same custom design at the same time. It saves much effort and times.

Customer will no need to re-create each same design for the different variant. Because they can enter the quantity for each variant for same created design at the same time.

Fully Responsive

Naturally, because mobile Internet usage is steadily increasing, you can see that it’s extremely important that your website is mobile friendly.

Our app is fully responsive which means that the app will look fine on both desktop and mobile devices alike. We love responsive & browser compatible themes.

Text Tool

Customify – product customizer has rich text editor features as well.

You can change the text color, rotate the text, resize the text, duplicate the text, also add effect to the text. Turn the text to a curve text, and change the curve angle easily.

Image Tool

Customify – product customizer has rich image adjustment features.

You can change the image color, rotate the image, resize the image, duplicate the image, also add effect to the image. You can also make the image clickable which let the user changes the image by clicking on it.

Save Design

With a save design tool, the user able to save their design.

Users are able to save the design. They can re-use the saved designs easily. Hence, they can re-order the personalize product whenever they want.

Shopify POD
Custom Product Builder Shopify
Product Personalizer Shopify
Product Personalizer
New to Shopify ?

Don't have a Shopify store yet? Create your Shopify account by clicking the following button and get 3 months Customify FREE subscriptions for any paid plan you choose.

Multi Browsers Compability

Customify compatible on all browsers device. The app is not responsive, however it has different version for each browser device.

Multi Browsers Compability
Businesses love Customify

"Absolutely outstanding customer service and great app! Customify Team made everything possible and helped us in every aspect to build a great and fully functional onlinestore via shopify. Thank you very much, we really appreciate your help. Also the app is great and has many different functions. We're glad we found it, it makes our shop so much better!

Mighty Wallet

"So far this App has been great. I tried a couple of other customizer tools prior and all of them were missing one thing or another. Customizer has everything I needed already built and best of all their customer support is very good and responsive so if you do run into a something out of the ordinary the support team is a click away. Give it a try, spend some time, and it'll fit your needs."

La Môme Bijou

"This is a great app. I am able to offer clients a new ability online that I always dreamed of offering. Most importantly, Customify Team has been extremely helpful in answering questions and providing help with installation. He really knows this app and is ALWAYS available to speak. Best customer service ever! Thank you Customify Team! Meredith E."

Lulu Merie

"Customify Team has been amazing to work with along with the rest of the team since Day 1. We're very happy with the service (and so are our customers). Thanks again! :)"


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